Controlled Blasting, Inc. is the largest rock drilling and blasting contractor in Georgia. Controlled blasting is a construction drilling and blasting contractor. Controlled Blasting, Inc. does drilling and blasting work for hundreds of contractors in Georgia. Controlled Blasting, Inc. is located in Norcross, Georgia. Drilling and Blasting is our forte, we do however take on testing jobs as drill for anchor bolts. Controlled Blasting prides itself on proper and safe drilling and blasting techniques. Our employees are trained and knowledgeable in the drilling and blasting field. Controlled Blasting, Inc. can handle all of your drilling and blasting needs from a small hand drill blast to your largest drilling and blasting projects.

Controlled Blasting, Inc. is the largest rock drilling and blasting construction contractor in Georgia. Our primary business is construction drill and blast work, but also incorporates testing for rock contact elevation, anchor bolt drilling, demolition, and various categories of specialty blasting with detonators, explosives and other products. Site-work ranges from small residential house lot blasting to multiyear highway, airport, bridge, building footprint, subdivision, and shopping mall projects incorporating a variety of mass and trench blasting techniques. We currently work with hundreds of contractors on projects throughout the southeast, and the east central part of the U.S. We have offices in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and Louisville, Kentucky area servicing Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Florida. Due to much of the urban nature of our blasting our specialty is detailed, “close in” blasting work. Our blasting personnel are licensed for each of their states of operation, and we are a Federal and multi-state licensed blasting contractor. We incorporate state of the art drills, drilling techniques, and blasting methods as well as hoe rams for specialty work. Our company is employee owned and all employees have employment pre-screening, and drug testing. We are a drug free workplace with all employees subject to monthly random drug testing. Safety programs, safety training, and ongoing blaster training are all part of our commitment to our customers to provide a safe skilled team of professionals to handle your blasting needs. Check out or blasing videos on our web site. We are an employee owned company.